I’m yet to get another project up on here. Life has gotten unbelievably busy in the last month or so as things unfold. I’ve been doing a lot of work for multi-million dollar robotic material-removal cell in the area as well as do the industrial engineering for a beverage manufacturer a few states away. The second project is particularly interesting as I have to design for an explosive environment due to the use of ethanol in the area.


On top of that, I decided to adopt an un-socialized, 10 year old cockatiel and two baby budgies (aka parakeets) who keep my pretty busy. The cockatiel, currently known as “DB” for “Demon Bird”, has been extremely interesting to work with as he has gone from completely feral and terrified of people to wanting to interact and come out of his cage over the course of a couple weeks. He occasionally has a freak out moment where he hisses and bites, but he is letting me scratch his head, pet him, and will step up onto my hand 90% of the time without a fuss.

I’m working with a group of friends on a software project that will be extremely interesting when its done. I can’t go into more detail about it, but maybe as we go this site will have some teasers if the team is okay with the idea.


As far as physical projects, I’ve got one artsy-type of project that is going to utilize the ubiquitous “Joule Thief” circuit and another that will monitor and fix network issues when they arise. Both use 3D printing to do some neat things. It will be great to show them off when done.


Oh yes, almost forgot the HUGE thing – I will be moving to the San Francisco bay area in the next month which will be a bit of a time drain for a while. I will do my best to work on some projects and get things up here, but no promises, heheh.