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If you’ve made it here and were looking for my old blog at foxrobotics.com, you are in the right place. I sold the other domain and will be starting “again” from this site.

My current big project is a giant, LED-animated periodic table of elements with samples of real elements. It’s a huge undertaking in terms of time and money – if you’d like to pitch in, feel free to reach out or check out my list on Amazon (click here) for the current list of materials I need to get.

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Facebook’s DeepText AI and Why You Should Care

DeepText Facebook announced that they are introducing a new AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm that will be able to read your posts as well as a human. Their goal in doing this is to provide better understand the intentions of your posts and then use that information to create better targeted ads and services. Say for example you post "I am [...]

What is Magic Leap and How Does it Work?!?

If you've been on the internet today, you know exactly what the "Magic Leap" is...or rather, you know what it does - it is a set of VR glasses with something a little extra special. It places virtual objects in front of you in such a way that your eyes have to focus forward or backward in order to see [...]

Stop Knocking The Boards

In recent years, the number of hobby microcontroller options has exploded exponentially. We went from a handful of (expensive) PIC and AVR boards to the Arduino family, the Teensy, Raspberry Pi line, Beaglebone, Particle family, the famous ESP8266, and endless other rather powerful and inexpensive consumer boards. What ties all of these together is for most projects, it doesn't truly [...]

Salt And Vinegar Flavored Carpet and Kitchen Floors

One of the things that tickles me to no end are the "healthy living" and "life hack" websites telling you that if you mix vinegar and baking soda, you get some magical mixture capable of cleaning even the worse gremlins out of your house. Kind of makes sense, right? Vinegar is a great cleaning agent. Baking soda is a great [...]

Patriot Act 2.0

If you have been following the news, you've likely heard about the federal government trying to force Apple to break into an encrypted phone at which Apple refuses. This has brought into the public eye the debate about encryption and a new fervor in our legislative bodies to ban strong encryption. I want to point out something extraordinarily important - [...]

Birds, Moving, and MORE

I'm yet to get another project up on here. Life has gotten unbelievably busy in the last month or so as things unfold. I've been doing a lot of work for multi-million dollar robotic material-removal cell in the area as well as do the industrial engineering for a beverage manufacturer a few states away. The second project is particularly interesting [...]

Micro Updates

For things that don’t deserve a blog post 😉

1 month ago

Wrote a quick post on the glass blowing attempts I've done:

View Larger Image Element Collection + Display Update Element Collection + Display Update Gotta say, the collection is simultaneously the easiest thing ever and the largest pain in the rear. On one ... See more

1 month ago

With a shipment of radium-painted watch hands, I get three elements in one. #Radium decays to #Radon which decays to #Polonium (then lead, bismuth, etc). Like my plutonium sample, the only way I'll ... See more

1 month ago

Tried some glass blowing to protect element samples this morning. It went okay.... I used paper as a heat indicator. Of the eight or so attempts, only half survived. I think I'm going to need a more ... See more

6 months ago

The laser cutter and I would like to wish you.... #happyFriday

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